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no-code studio.

Your brand's digital experience, made better without code, in 30 days.

Delete the developer.

No pricey retainers.

We create robust, custom digital experiences for brands that want to matter in culture, fast, using no code. The result is a world-class digital experience that you can self-manage, with no expensive retainers. 

We're proud of our service.

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No retainers.

30 Day Delivery.


Up-front fixed prices.

Friendly Support

Core services


We develop your brand and make sure you're building the right product for it.

Web Design

We tell your brand story, and engage your customers with a world-class robust website.


We ensure your site performs up to your customers’ high standards.

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Single-Page Website

$ 3,450.00 USD

One Page Website

Responsive Website

Content Management System

Free Support

Ready in 15 Days

Multi-Page Website

$ 7,900.00 USD

2 to 6 Pages

Responsive Website

Content Management System

Free Support

Ready in 30 Days

Branding Package

$ 4,900.00 USD

Logo Design

Full Brand Guide

Stationery Design

Collateral Design

Ready in 21 Days


Frequently Asked Questions


What is nocode?

No-code development allows us to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming. The end result is a digital product that you don't need to pay expensive retainers to maintain. We build you a nocode digital experience, and teach you how to self-manage it.

Can I get my site before paying?

Totally. We only ask for a 30% deposit up front. You pay the rest when you're happy with your product.

Are That Group sites SEO-friendly?

Of course. We manage all SEO setup in-house, for free. Your site comes fully optimised for Search Engines.

How do I create a new website myself?

We'll show you! Not ready to call in the pro's yet? That's cool too. Download our free eBook to learn everything you need to know.

Do you build other custom apps?

We'll build a digital solution that suits your business problem. Drop us a line for a free discovery call.

We help your business cut through the noise.

Are you ready?

Get in touch with us today.


Beyond the normal.

BRB. Migrating to new servers.


Grow your business
with a world-class website.


Your brand's digital experience, made perfect without code, in 30 days or less.

What we do
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We use a low-code tech stack. We delete the redundancies and build at lightning speed.


We use a low-code tech stack. We delete the redundancies and build at lightning speed.


We've worked on projects with:

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We never
on quality
We don’t want our brand associated with anything that isn’t of the highest quality. We make quality things, we give quality advice and we only hire quality people.
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The experience and
performance is
Our focus has always been to create intuitive and remarkable experiences for people. The experiences we craft are what we truly value and it’s what sets us apart from everyone else.
/ 3
Do things once
and do them
We don’t do anything by halves. We only do things the right way with care, know-how and effort. Corners are an important part of any journey and we don’t cut them, ever.
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